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Garage Clean Out

Garage Clean Out - Stars Junk Removal

Need Cleanout your garage?

We will dispatch a storage unit cleanout team to your storage unit at whatever time works for you. Over the phone or on-site, we will give you the lowest price we can get away with. If that sounds like a reasonable price to clean out your storage unit, we can load it in the truck right then or schedule a time in the future that is best for you. We can also move the items you want to keep from your storage unit back to your house for a meager price!

After loading your unwanted furniture and items into the truck, we will sweep out your storage unit make it look perfect so you can turn in your lock and get back your deposit! Once we remove everything you don’t want, we will recycle everything we can. We recycle couches, recliners, desks, dressers, electronics, and old furniture to keep more household junk out of the landfill!