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In serious cases the problem gets so bad that homes are deemed unlivable by the city and families are forced out. Children in extreme cases have been taken away from their parents because the home is no longer livable.

This is an issue that is much more serious than most think and needs to be fixed in the early stages before the problem progresses to the point where the earlier mentioned problems arise. Those who need help with hoarding should begin by seeking help from a professional organizer who deals with the mental/medical causes of hoarding. This is the best place to start when attempting to cope with the problems that hoarding can cause.

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The next step is to get organized and de-clutter. A professional organizer who specializes in dealing with hoarders would be a great person to contact in regards to this. The professional organizer will help you sort through the mess and separate what should be kept from the items that need to be discarded. The organizer will be a wonderful resource and can objectively look at the items without emotions coming into play. The organizer will help sort the items and prepare for the next step which is removal of the excess items.

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