Your home is almost clean…almost. If it weren’t for those pesky bottles cluttering up your countertop or the old knick-knacks in the basement you haven’t bothered to sort out, you’d have a show house.

You’ve kept all of those things around with the vague notion of eventually recycling or donating them. But junk removal isn’t one of those jobs that take care of themselves. Here are three simple steps to eliminate all of that unwanted clutter from your household:

Sort out what you want to keep. This will make it quicker and easier for a junk removal company to work in your home, and it will also ensure that you don’t accidentally throw something away that you wanted to keep. Don’t be quick to trash something just because you think it “looks like” junk. Keep in mind that junking electronic devices can have adverse effects on the environment.

3 Steps to Having Unwanted Junk Removed From Your Home - Stars Junk RemovalArrange your junk by categories. Separate what can be recycled from what can be donated. As a rule, anything in good working condition—from old furniture to unwanted clothing—can be donated. Put the smaller items in boxes or bins and leave notes on the larger items. Once you’ve got an organization system in place, you can use it in the future to ensure that disposing of your junk remains easy and straightforward.

Contact a junk removal company. They will be able to do the heavy lifting and deliver all of the recyclable and donate-worthy junk to wherever it needs to go, as well as dispose of all of the genuine junk.

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