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Stars Junk Removal

Building and Construction Junk Removal

Building and Construction Junk Removal - Stars Junk San Jose

We are a full-service junk and debris removal company.

After your building work is completed, you’ll often be left with a huge amount of waste to dispose of. Taking care of it yourself can be difficult, but what if you had access to a modern truck, special loading equipment, and a highly trained team of highly trained workers? Well, that’s exactly what we have! Using our Stars building waste removal service will let you sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labors while our motivated team gets to work safely shifting all of that waste for you. Our building waste removal team is trained in the safest and efficient ways to lift, carry and transport all kinds of construction waste, from spare parts and bricks to debris that’s been created along the way. We’re also fully insured, for your peace of mind.

Building and Construction Junk Removal

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If you have your build waste removed by a professional you not only avoid back problems but you’ll help keep the environment healthy. At Stars Junk Services we’re experts at removing your junk and debris. Whether the junk is in the basement or on the top floor give our team a call today!